Friday 3 January 2014


Here you can see what is one of the most important props in the film, the projector-stationary-bike thing. I'm really happy with how it turned out, and it only really took a couple days, all be it... long... long days. The light bulb in this photo is temporary, the light bulb in the final film is an eyeball, but it will be made too look much better than this crudely drawn sharpie one.

I wish I took earlier progress photos, but here you can see the individual parts, almost everything is made of cardboard and vinyl tubing found at home depot, with a few sculpy pieces as well. You can also see the LED light that I have running through the bike's frame.

here you can see the bike constructed, with sculpy details added on. It's already got a layer of paint, but this was right before the final coat, so you can see some parts have been masked off. I found this awesome paint at Walmart that gives the effect of hammered metal, which was perfect for what I wanted.
Some gel texture paint and dry brush was added to give it a more worn, rustic metal look...

The film reel wheel was spray painted with a plastic spray paint then dry brushed to give it those scratch like looks. Still need to add the film on this reel though. Both the front and back wheel rotate as well.
The pedals are bits of sculpy with magnets inside them, so they will stick to the puppets feet. They also rotate at all the points a normal bike pedal would. You can also see the wiring coming out of the back of the bike here, this will be hidden in the final film.

The seat is made of foam and fake leather, that's been scratched and sanded to make it look worn out.

And there you have it! One projector bicycle.

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