Tuesday 4 September 2012

Stop Motion Puppet

A puppet I made over the summer for a stop mo I wanted to work on, but turns out it's kind of hard to create a stop motion at all in 4 weeks when your in korea for 3...

Hey, at least I got the puppet finished! When I would spend a long time searching up stop motion how-to's, I found it pretty hard to find step-by-step pictures of the process of creating a puppet with the "build up" method, so I thought these might help anyone going through what I went through, though this is my first time so I am by no means an expert.

I used sculpy to make the puppet super sturdy but you really have to be careful that the sculpy won't restrict any needed movement... I ended up having to shave away bits and pieces so it could move completely.

The final body.

And of course his head-pet-alligator-skeleton-anteater

And all done!

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  1. woah cool!! what's the white stuff you put on after the sculptey? some kind of foam?